get silky with it

if your makeup and skincare routines just aren't giving what they need to give, then it's time to make it silky with Silkish Beauty. our handcrafted, all-natural products will be the ultimate enhancement to your daily rituals. we prioritize using natural ingredients and creating simplistic formulations because beauty shouldn't be complicated or toxic (like our ex-boyfriends). you're gonna love what we have to offer, babe. click the button below and get to shopping. ♡

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  • a one-woman show

    Silkish Beauty is owned and primarily ran by Liliana Provencial, a 24-year old mom & military wife (her husband does the heavy lifting & occasional order packing). when you buy from Silkish Beauty, you're supporting a real person - not a corporation.

  • all by hand , with love

    we craft every product formula, design every product label, fill every jar and tube by hand, and pack every order - all in-house. with as little outsourcing as possible, we can ensure that every step of the process is done with love.

  • keeping it natural

    while some ingredients cannot be compromised, such as preservatives and colorants, we prioritize using real, natural ingredients that are accessible and easy to understand. no fluff, no fillers, no gimmicks. our favorite ingredients to use include shea butter, sunflower oil, raw cane sugar, jojoba oil, and more. only the best is good enough for our babes!

  • oklahoma-based

    we are located near the heart of Oklahoma City! we can currently be found at New Moon Beauty OKC and multiple local vendor events year-round. more event information can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • we're the whole package

    we offer all kinds of product types to suit your needs! whether it's for your skin, your makeup routine, your body, your hubby, or even your baby - we've got you covered. we offer unscented options in our body care and lip care for anyone that is sensitive to fragrances. we offer customizations on our glossy lip glaze for anyone that is allergic to one or more of our ingredients (online only). finally, we curate our shade ranges in our makeup line to accommodate to all skin tones. whatever you can think of, we've got an option for it. if not, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

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    want to read more about our business practices and mission? click here ! ❥