our brand journey

my name is Liliana Provencial, & I'm a beauty minimalist. I do not buy any beauty product unless I know that I'm going to need it & use it until it's gone. I try my best to be mindful of the waste that I create just as one individual, & I prefer to support brands that are slower + more mindful with their product launches. fast-fashion doesn't relate to just fashion -- the beauty industry is guilty of this, too: what's the newest skincare product on the market? how many eyeshadow palettes should I own? do I really need another shade of red lipstick?

it's overwhelming as someone who really only uses a handful of holy grails & sticks with her favorites. that's one of the reasons why I started Silkish Beauty.

the other reason? I found out I have celiac's disease in around 2017-2018, an allergy to gluten. you would not believe how many products contain gluten -- baked goods, pasta, sauces, shampoos / conditioners, & - you guessed it - even in makeup. making the switch to my lifestyle being predominantly gluten-free compelled me to look into the ingredients of everything that I used, because it can be found quite literally anywhere. not only have I become more aware of gluten in my day-to-day routine, but I've also become more mindful of other product qualities such as animal byproducts in skincare, animal testing still being prevalent in the beauty industry, the lack of ingredient safety / filtering in US beauty standards, & more. what better way to cut out the harsh, icky stuff of the beauty industry than by... doing it yourself?

in July of 2019, I began my small business journey as Lovebug Cosmetiics, & made product in a tiny corner at my parent's house. this business generated 200+ sales & shipped to over half of the US & 6 additional countries. at the beginning of 2020, COVID made its' impact permanently by halting all of our progress, & then I broke off a long-term relationship at the end of that year. this resulted in me permanently closing my business. it had seemed like the end of my dream to be a small business owner & make a difference.

at the beginning of 2021, I met my now-husband, Lucien. he encouraged me to start over & take a real shot at my dream. so, with his & my family's support, I was able to sell the rest of my Lovebug inventory & fully rebrand to Silkish Beauty in December of 2021. as of September 2023, we have received over 200 online sales, participated as a vendor at over 50 local events, have sold over 2,500 units of product (online & at local markets), and have had our products housed in 3 local brick-and-mortar storefronts. now, we are in beautiful Oklahoma City with a baby girl on the way, and even bigger plans for Silkish in the near future.


when I rebranded, I truly did not envision my business to be where it is now -- this much support and success in such a short amount of time had never crossed my mind. but, now I know that this is my mission and my passion: making products simply, minimally, & intentionally with my own two hands for the purpose of helping people feel beautiful & confident. I have a vision, & all of the support has really helped me bring it to life. to me, Silkish has quickly become more than just a beauty brand. it's a lifestyle. it's a choice to seek your self-care, to prioritize what goes on your skin, and to be kind to the body that you're in... and I am extremely grateful that my products get to be a part of that choice you've committed for yourself. whether you're a young teenager trying makeup for the first time, in your early 20s and passionate about skincare, a young mom seeking to prioritize your self care, and anyone in-between, Silkish is going to be for you.


ready to take the next step and be a Silkish babe? consider this my official welcome to you; I think you're really going to like it here. ♡︎