what is Silkish?

Silkish Beauty is a vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and handmade / homemade skincare + cosmetics small business. we strive to create products that will make anyone feel confident, beautiful, and loved. the word "Silk" in our business name is actually an acronym: soft, intimate, loving, and kind. here is why we chose this as our acronym --



  • every product is made with soft, gentle, non-abrasive ingredients — and nothing is artificially or heavily fragranced. our products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types & preferences. pain is NOT beauty here at Silkish; your skin deserves to feel comfortable + confident, with no harsh chemicals or ingredients disrupting your peace.



  • every product is made by hand in small-batch, simplistic formulations. every formula undergoes a series of tests before being released. we also package & label everything by hand (it’s more personal without a machine doing the work ♡︎), so no two products will be exactly alike. you can trust that our brand works very intimately with every step of the business process — especially our product production — and that our products will always have a personal touch.



  • every product is made with skin-loving ingredients that are not only predominately all-natural, but are additionally all meant to serve a purpose — no fillers or “fluff” in any step of our product formulation. for Silkish Beauty, we believe that less is more. we also believe that every face & body — regardless of gender, race, or any other factor — should deserve to feel loved + beautiful. our products are crafted & designed not only for you to love, but for them to love you back with every single use.



  • we strive to make every part of our business process not only kind to you — the customer — but kind to the planet + to humanity. we use as much recycled material as possible in our shipping & product packaging such as glass bottles, biodegradable packing peanuts, & recycled shipping boxes. we do not do ANY animal testing; we do extensive research on our ingredients to make sure they’re certified vegan + cruelty free (& if a product isn’t, we state it very clearly for our customers to not be misled). finally, we plan to offer a recycling program for our customers that want to make their own personal contribution (more details coming very soon♡︎).