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"under the surface" facial toner

"under the surface" facial toner

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when it comes to truly cleaning your skin, using a cleansing bar or micellar water isn't always enough. a truly deep cleaning of the pores will require a toner, but you risk stripping your skin of its' natural oils with certain toners. with our "under the surface" facial toner, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of cleansing your face without sacrificing your face's moisture. we've combined the astringent properties of witch hazel, the gentle exfoliation benefits of green coffee bean & apple cider vinegar, and the moisture-retention powers of vegetable glycerine for the ultimate product. our toner is also great at tightening your pores, balancing your skin's pH, and aiding in acne-prone skin.


directions: apply 3-4 drops on either a clean cotton pad or on clean fingertips; use immediately after cleansing your face. can be used DAILY.




witch hazel water, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera extract, apple cider vinegar powder, green coffee bean extract, eucalpytus water

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