the owner ♡

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my name is Liliana Provencial, and I'm a beauty minimalist. I'm the type of person that sticks with their set of holy grail products and rarely strays from her favorites, and I wanted Silkish Beauty to be a reflection of this philosophy. my launches are mindful, usually small, and spaced out so that my babes aren't overwhelmed by too much new. I strive to only put out the best for my customers.

I started Silkish Beauty in 2019 after finding out that I have celiac's disease - an allergy to gluten. Gluten isn't just in food; it can be found in beauty care, shampoos and conditioners, and more. If something as nonfunctional as gluten can be in products we put directly onto our skin, what else could they be hiding? My mission is to create products with ingredients that are natural, easy to understand, and high quality.

July 2019

the beginning

I started out as Lovebug Cosmetiics in July of 2019. The business generated 200+ sales & shipped to over half of the US & 6 additional countries. Fun fact: our current glossy lip glaze is one of our only products that has remained since going from Lovebug to Silkish.

November 2020

closing a chapter

Once COVID hit in early 2020, we took a huge dive in sales and engagement. Our progress was halted, and then I broke off a long-term relationship in the middle of the chaos. This inevitably caused the closure of Lovebug Cosmetiics at the end of the year. Little did I know that it would not be the end...

December 2021

starting anew

After meeting my now-husband in early 2021, he gave me the encouragement and support that I needed to give entrepreneurship another try. I successfully sold the remainder of my Lovebug inventory and then rebranded to what you all now know as Silkish Beauty on December 10th, 2021.

present day

dreams come true...

As of January 2024 (since our 2021 grand opening), we have received over 300 online sales, participated as a vendor at over 50 local events, have sold over 2,500 units of product (online & at local markets), and have had our products housed in 5 local brick-and-mortar storefronts. I took a bit of time off from January - March to welcome my daughter into the world and have a self-appointed maternity leave, but now we're back better than ever!

small businesses do it best ♡

When I rebranded, I truly did not envision my business to be where it is now - this much support and success in such a short amount of time had never crossed my mind. But, now I know that this is my mission and my passion: making products simply, minimally, & intentionally with my own two hands for the purpose of helping people feel beautiful & confident. I have a vision, & all of the support has really helped me bring it to life. To me, Silkish has quickly become more than just a beauty brand. it's a lifestyle. It's a choice to seek your self-care, to prioritize what goes on your skin, and to be kind to the body that you're in... and I am extremely grateful that my products get to be a part of that choice you've committed for yourself. I can't wait to show my daughter that she can succeed in whatever she puts her mind to, and that she's never too young to put herself - and her self-care - first. We all deserve to feel beautiful in the skin that we're in.

Stay Silky, babe. - Liliana P.